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Welcome to is a website build with view to make it easy for everybody residing in any part of the valley to get any sort of info, required.

It is a comprehensive source of information on the rich cultural heritage and harmonious blend of art/religion besides political affairs of state of Jammu & Kashmir. We showcase historical / geographical facts of Jammu & Kashmir state apart from information on world affairs & other perspectives viz pilgrimage, Handicrafts, Horticulture, and Agriculture etc.
We aim to be the leading portal on Kashmir centric information, providing a wide range of free services including news, articles, reviews, trends, downloads and important information on Kashmir in J&K, India.

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Valley online has a chief aim of working for the general good and providing everybody with an opportunity to work for the upliftment of all.

KAS (Kashmir Administrative Services)
Keeping into consideration the emerging talent of aspirants who want to vie in competitive exams like KAS, valley online, has devoted a blog where in all such aspirants will be provided a platform and interactions with KAS qualifiers will be held to make its aspirants face interviews boldly. Besides they will be provided with all the required info and knowledge so as to make it easy for them to succeed. So aspirants of KAS can peer into the blog specified for their use.

Tourism (Reconstruction).
In addition to the above made assessment let us bring it to light that valley online cherishes an aim of reconstructing the so called paradise(Kashmir) that suffered relentless destruction at the hands of nature. As such valley online wants to make sure that the dreams of all eyes come true and that Kashmir gets rejuvenated and the advance of explorers of natural bliss increases manifold.

Blood Donation
Reconstructing Kashmir also means saving the precious bounties endowed by natural and such a natural endowment is the life of a human being as such valley online makes it rather easy to save a life by making possible donations of blood for which one now needs not to wait until death overcomes life but that those who want to save a precious life by donating blood can get it done here by getting enlisted and informed as how and when to do it.
Most important thing, to be made clear, is that all this, Valley online believes, is possible only if you people extend your contribution by means normally acceptable and accessible.